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Séilí Ann Lynch
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I am immensely grateful for the beneficial impact that Florentino has had upon my life. His invigorating energy has the same effect as extra-strong peppermint on the senses; it is bold, refreshing, powerful and highly effective at enhancing inner clarity. Collaborating with Florentino has allowed me to identify and effectively dissolve limiting beliefs that had been subconsciously hindering my growth. Florentino’s enthusiasm and passion for enhancing human potential is infectious. Communicating with him always bolstered my self-belief and broadened my perspective of my capabilities. I appreciate that Florentino was always very respectful and open-minded. I felt very comfortable being vulnerable and open when speaking with him. In essence, Florentino is a gift to humanity. If you have the good fortune to get to work with him, embrace that opportunity now as he is the catalyst you need to assist you in being the best version of you.
Joanne Braxton
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I highly recommend anyone to work with Florentino. He genuinely cares about your growth and transformation. I truly value our sessions, he helped me discover hidden beliefs, habits, and behaviors that were holding me back from being who I was born to be. I can’t express in words the transformation that evolved during the sessions and the growth and insights that continued to expand after our sessions. Words to describe Florentiono: Trust, Compassion, Knowledgeable, Funny, Sincere.
N.T. GHS Student
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I want to share my amazing experience with my life coach, Florentino. He helped me build confidence and overcome my fears, which led me to succeed in a lead role in a musical play. Florentino has a unique way of connecting with his clients and making them feel comfortable. He listened carefully to my concerns and developed a customized plan to help me break free from my limitations. With his guidance and encouragement, I auditioned for a lead role in a musical play, which I got! Florentino worked with me extensively to prepare for the performance, providing me with valuable feedback and support along the way. Thanks to Florentino's coaching, I was able to shine on stage and give a performance that was praised by the audience and my peers. I gained confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and an unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever. I highly recommend Florentino to anyone looking to overcome fears, gain confidence, and pursue their passions. He truly changed my life, and I'm forever grateful for his exceptional coaching and support..
C.S. SHS Student
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I have to give a shout-out to my fantastic youth life coach, Florentino! He helped me level up my soccer game by building my resilience, mental strength, and confidence on the field. Florentino showed me how to bounce back from setbacks and stay focused on my goals. He taught me valuable strategies for building mental toughness, which I now use not only in soccer but in everyday life too. Before working with Florentino, I struggled with anxiety and self-doubt, which often held me back from performing at my best. But with his guidance and encouragement, I learned to stay positive, no matter what. Thanks to Florentino's coaching, I felt more confident on the field, and I played better than ever before. I felt like a whole new person, full of energy, and ready to take on any challenge. Overall, I would highly recommend Florentino to anyone looking to level up their game, whether in sports or life. He truly knows how to motivate and inspire, and his coaching will have you feeling unstoppable! Thank you, Florentino, for being the best coach ever!.
𝐃𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚 𝐋𝐚𝐠𝐮𝐧𝐚
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Florentino is a kind, thoughtful, and direct coach. He helps you get wherever you want to get faster, with so much growth in the middle. He is a great listener and detects what’s going on even without you saying anything. He knows when to be exigent and when to be patient. He is professional and it’s clear he knows what he is doing. I’m very grateful for choosing him as my coach, he helped me regain my confidence, overcome my fears to take the actions I was pushing over, he let me be who I am in every session without judging me. To be clearer as possible: I finally launched my website, I started posting on my business IG, making the videos I was avoiding, but most importantly, I connected again with myself, with what’s important to me, today I believe in myself in that I am capable, and I will be forever grateful for him.